Startups – food for thought!

Posted by guptaradhesh on July 16, 2013

With so many startup working hard on great ideas trying to innovate and make some impact. There is always a big threat for startups working on something which closely aligns with a big company. If they offer to buy you – you are lucky; if they launch a competitive product – things won’t be easy!!

Now days we see so many big companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook entering different niche segments and launching different products. In such a scenario, its very important for a startup to be focused and take a right call at the right time.

I asked a similar question at a Tech-Meetup to some startup biggies and their answer was smart but unsatisfying. They pointed out in being smarter and confident about what you are doing and performing better. Also on the fact that, being a startup – its easier to maneuver the product and change directions (I liked this answer) — but still, I dont think one should not be worries about being crushed away as a minnow as soon as a big company enters in your space. Instead of demotivating anyone – build a product that makes the Giants think as worth buying then rebuilding.

Something similar I noticed which made me jot this down is this:

Amazon launched “Amazon Birthday Gift“, is a way to integrate social media for giving birthday gifts. It allows a group of Facebook friends to go in on an Amazon.com giftcard together. User buys an Amazon.com giftcard and invites other mutual friends to donate using Amazon Birthday Gift. When birthday arrives, recipients are tagged in the Facebook Timeline wall post.

Interesting to note is, the NY based startup called Aggregift has been running the same idea from quite a few months. I wonder what happens to such startups!! Similar gifting idea is run by companies like: Wrapp, Boomerang ..



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