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Posted by guptaradhesh on October 14, 2010


I tried to find a json me jar to add it to my blackberry project.
Finding difficult to get the same, I made and uploaded this json-jar after compiling the json-me source code and creating the jar by using the standard command-

> jar -cvf json.jar org\json\*.class

To download the Json-me jar, Click here Download
(this jar is pre-verified and can be used for adding an external dependency in a blackberry project)

PS: The source code of json-me has been taken from http://json.org/


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Using external jar files in BlackBerry (eclipse blackberry plugin)

Posted by guptaradhesh on October 14, 2010

Using external jar files in BlackBerry (eclipse blackberry plugin)

Here is my experience of trying using external jars with my eclipse blackberry plugin.
I googled hell lot and found many posts and steps for adding external jars to my working BB-project. One needs to pre-varify the external jar before using it.
The steps to be followed for preverifying are available at many places.
Let me mention them once again –

1. Go to your JDE installation folder, for Windows XP it is usually C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.3.0\bin. If you are using eclipse then you can also find the installation directory of BlackBerry plugin.
2. Copy your jar file to bin folder.
3. Notice the preverify.exe file. This is the tool we’ll use.
4. Now open your command prompt and change your current directory to your JDE installation directory.
5. execute the following command:
preverify -classpath “JDE_PATH_HERE\lib\net_rim_api.jar” “your_jar_filename”
6. Notice that in bin directory, another folder named output has been created. Preverified jar file resides here. Copy the preverified jar file with the same name that the non-preverified jar file has.
I have uploaded one such preverified json jar in my previous post.

My experience while accessing the preverified jars-
When I created a blackberry library project and added this self-created preverified jar and added this as an external library to my working project, I was able to use the external library.
I was successful in case of using kxml.jar, but the same thing falters when I use the self-created json.jar.
I hope I didn’t do any mistake while preverifying it.
If anyone is able to use the json.jar as external library project, do post a comment.

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